American Citizenship classes



Why enroll with us?

Because the citizenship classes include:

· Specific techniques on how to pass the interview

Exclusive educational material

Preparation for the 100 questions

An emphasis on English conversation during our classes

TEFL certified teachers.

·  “One on One” classes 

· A review of the major points of US History 

· All materials needed to take the Citizenship exam.

· Pointers on what not to during the months prior to taking the exam.

· A review, and another review and another review etc. on all the questions involved in the exam.

· Learn American cultural and patriotic topics like the Pledge of Allegiance, The National Anthem among other famous documents.

· Learn to think and feel like an American  from an American – a citizen of the US!

· Help for the student to prepare to follow a complete online lesson plan and accompany them as they complete it, even after the course is over.

Course Offerings

Tutoring: Reading Classes

Help with reading comprehension and increase your child's vocabulary!